Police share results of traffic campaign
by Emily Adams
SYLACAUGA — The Police Department made 49 contacts with the public during a traffic campaign to curb speeders on three city streets.

After receiving numerous complaints, the City Council asked SPD to monitor Magnolia Drive, Country Club Road and West Walnut Street last December. Police started a campaign in January that ran for one month.

Police Chief Chris Carden reported 34 total citations given during that time, as well as three arrests and 12 warnings. Of the 32 citations, 14 were speeders. The arrests included a possession of marijuana charge and some outstanding warrants.

Speeding on these streets is a recurring issue, Carden previously said, and a 2008 study from a consulting firm showed that 55 to 75 percent of people speed on Magnolia. Traffic control options have been considered over the years, such as stop signs and speed bumps, but police believe enforcement and education is the most effective remedy.

“We will continue to monitor these roads as part of our ongoing commitment to make the roadways safer,” Carden said in a memo to the mayor and City Council on Wednesday. He noted that there have been no car accidents reported on these roadways in the past year.

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