New postmaster continuing family tradition
by Emily Adams
SYLACAUGA — One in a family line of U.S. Postal Service workers, Sandor Jacobs says he is proud to be Sylacauga’s new postmaster.

“Most of my family still lives here, so Sylacauga has always been a part of my life,” he said. “I want this office to be good and look good, because I’m representing my family and the Post Office.”

Jacobs took over the position Dec. 1. He has been with the Post Office since 2001 and most recently served as a delivery supervisor in Birmingham.

Jacobs’s family has about 90 years combined working for the USPS. His father, Milton Jacobs, was the first black postmaster in Tuscaloosa; his aunt, Winona Jacobs, was postmaster in Lincoln; and his uncle, Clifton Jacobs, was a supervisor. Jacobs said they didn’t set out to start a family tradition; it just worked out that way.

“I actually went to (University of Alabama at Birmingham) and studied computer science, and so did my older brother, who is a mailman in Birmingham now,” he said. “So, that was initially my goal, but then a job came open with the Post Office, and I decided to apply.”

A typical day for the postmaster includes monitoring carrier performance, checking mailboxes around the city, answering emails and helping customers.

Jacobs has already set some goals to get the Sylacauga Post Office in better shape.

“It’s doing pretty good performance-wise, but I noticed the building and the outside need a little work,” he said. “I know a lot of customers care about the office, and we don’t want it to look bad, especially being right here on Broadway. I’m going to do what I can to bring it back.”

He also set high expectations for their carriers, he said.

“I told them all my first day here that I want Sylacauga to be one of the best, if not the best, in the district as far as performance, sales and everything else.”

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