We're Different, Okay!
by CalicoHawk
<span >I don't know why it is, but there seem to be so many differences.&#160; Some get up early Sunday morning and head out, some sit in front of their TV's.&#160; Some wear regular clothes, some get &#34;all dolled up.&#34;&#160; Some even partake during the week!<br /><br />And each one thinks, no, honestly believes that they are right.&#160; They will fight you, or at least argue with you about it.&#160; There have been countless cases of disturbances, and some of them between spouses, siblings, and other family members.<br /><br />Then there are those who don't participate.&#160; Boy, do they catch an earfull!&#160; They are ridiculed for their stance by all the others.<br /><br />Now, I have my own favorite, and I completely understand why someone would disagree with me, but I don't try to force my opinions on others so I don't expect it in return.<br /><br />What is it with&#160;sports fans, anyway?</span>
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