Local logger dies in accident Tuesday
by David Atchison
PELL CITY – A local man was killed in a logging accident Tuesday morning.

St. Clair County Coroner Dennis Russell identified the victim as Howard “June Bug” Trammel, 63, of Old Coal City.

Russell said Trammel, a professional logger, was walking in the woods with his chainsaw. The victim tripped and fell backwards with his chainsaw.

He said according to witness statements, the chainsaw hit Trammel in the chest.

“He was not cut,” Russell said. “He died from blunt force trauma.”

He said Trammel was with two other friends when the accident occurred. The men were cutting a tract of timber on Cook Springs Mountain.

Trammel was part of a handful of small independent loggers who cleared the landscape the old fashion way – one log at a time.

“There are not too many old guys left,” he said in an interview for a story which was featured in The Daily Home last October. “Everybody who stayed (in the lumber industry) got big machines.”

The story was about working in one of the most dangerous professions - logging.

Trammel and a couple of his close friends worked together cutting timber in the St. Clair County area.

“Leftovers,” he called it.

The areas he cut timber with a chainsaw were too small for the big timber operators.

Trammel said he barely made a living in today’s timber market, but his love of the outdoors and being his own boss was too appealing.

He said in October that logging was just something you did, something you are born into.

He said his grandfather, uncle and father were all loggers, and he worked side-by-side with them even before he was old enough to attend school.

“The problem is if you cut too much timber, it gets into your blood,” Trammel said.

Trammel said in October he was proud of the fact that through all the years he worked in the timber industry, one of the most dangerous professions, he never had a fatality involving anyone on his timber crew.

The accident happened at about 10 a.m., Tuesday.

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