Finger Pointing
by CalicoHawk
<span>My Great-Gran used to say, &#34;If you want to get away with something, point your finger at your opponent and yell, 'LIER!'&#160; But you have to be the first to do that, or it won't count.&#34;<br /><br />As the years have gone by, I realize that Great-Gran was probably right.&#160; There's a lot of finger-pointing today, and most of it is by those who want to defend a feeble position.&#160; It seems to work really well, too.&#160; When someone stands up and points out a problem, or a situation that isn't quite right, someone else will stand and start yelling.&#160; And once the labels have been cast, there is little hope of getting your point across.<br /><br />It doesn't really matter what the subject is, either.&#160; It could be in politics, religion, the economy, gun laws, education, or whether or not your mama-cat should be spayed.<br /><br />The thing is...this Nation is so divided that no one will give any credence to a valid argument.&#160; There is no debate, there is only finger-pointing and name-calling.&#160; There is no valid search for knowledge of the facts, only stonewalling and more yelling.<br /><br />Great-Gran died several years ago, but two things remain...he was right about the finger-pointing, and I now wonder what Great-Gran got away with.</span>
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