Design a Unique T-Shirt for Your Special Event
by jaychowdhury
<p>Do you have a special event that's quickly approaching? Whether you're getting ready for a company picnic, a fundraiser or a bachelorette party, personalized t-shirts are a great way to add a bit of fun to the occasion. Here are five unique t-shirt ideas for your next event:</p> <h3>1.Fundraiser</h3> If you're fundraising for a charity, a <a href="" rel="nofollow">printing</a>&#160;company can make you a great shirt to wear. The more creative you are with your design, the more likely you are to draw attention to your cause. Coming up with a catchy slogan for the front of your shirt and keeping the charity logo on the back of your shirt is sure to make people take notice. Alternatively, you can design a graphic that tells the world about your charity without having to use words at all. <h3>2.Bachelorette Party</h3> <a href="" rel="nofollow">Bachelorette</a>&#160;parties absolutely demand unique outfits. If you&#8217;re having a bachelorette party soon, make design a creative tee for the bride and one for every member of the bridal party. Custom-designed tees will leave no doubt what it is you&#8217;re celebrating. For a fantastic look, make the bride her own T-shirt and treat the bridesmaids as the supporting cast. For example, have a shirt printed for the bride that says &#8220;The Bride&#8221; and ones for members of the bridal party that say &#8220;Maintenance Crew&#8221;. You can include the date of the nuptials or even a picture of the bride and groom. <h3>3.Birthday Party</h3> Birthday parties for little ones are the perfect excuse to have printed T-shirts made. Create a shirt for your child announcing their big day! Design it like a team jersey with his or her name across the back shoulders and their age emblazoned on the front and back. Make shirts for the children who will be attending the party to give out as favors. Having tees printed for party guests isn&#8217;t as expensive as you may think, especially when you order in bulk. The kids will adore their new t-shirts and you&#8217;ll have given a very creative party favor. <h3>4.Family Reunion</h3> What occasion is better suited for a printed T-shirt than a family reunion? There are hundreds of unique design ideas that you can come up with. You can splash a graphic of a family tree across the back of your shirt, have the shirt printed with your matriarch&#8217;s face or even make a list of all of the family members&#8217; surnames on the back like a concert T-shirt. Choose a different colored shirt for each family; add their names to the front of the shirts with a number: one for dad, two for mom, three for the first child, and so on. <h3>5.Community Event</h3> As a business owner, you know how important it is to attend community events. These events are both a <a href="" rel="nofollow">marketing</a>&#160;tool and a way to network with other business owners and potential customers and clients. Get creative with your t-shirt design so that everyone knows the company that you represent. You can design a shirt with a graphic of your building, an image of your company sign or even have your logo printed on the back. Make sure that you include your name and title somewhere on the shirt so that people know who you are. Consider making the same shirt for your employees, with their own names on the chest, to give your group a unified look. <p>Printed T-shirts offer a wealth of creative looks; you&#8217;re only limited by your own imagination. Whether you have a party coming up or will be attending a parade, festival or other community event, try to come up with a catchy tee that will turn everyone&#8217;s head.</p> <p>Amy Nielson writes is an avid blogger. Follow her on twitter <a href="" rel="nofollow">@NielsonAmy</a>.</p>
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