Marble City Pharmacy changing ownership
by Emily Adams
SYLACAUGA — Marble City Pharmacy is changing ownership, but keeping it all in the family.

Previous owner and pharmacist Danny Johnson is turning the business over to his two sons, Jacob and Jared Johnson, after health issues have begun to impact his work, he said.

“I’ve been having some health problems over the last few months, and they have progressively gotten worse to the point that I think its time we made some changes here,” Danny said. “I want to keep the good reputation I have in the community as a pharmacist, and I’m willing to give up ownership to do that.”

Danny opened Marble City Pharmacy nearly 10 years ago with his late business partner James Hobson and has been in some form of retail pharmacy for 41 years. He said he planned to give full ownership of Marble City, a HealthMart pharmacy, to his sons in another year or so, but circumstances sped up that timeline.

As part of the transition, the business has added a new pharmacist, Daniel Allison, and pharmacy technician, Lisa Robertson, to its staff. Jacob, who was already half owner and has been with the pharmacy for about 8 years, said his father is leaving the business in good standing.

“We’re appreciative that he got the business to the level he has so that we’re able to bring in another pharmacist and pick up where we left off, so it will be a seamless transition,” he said. “There won’t be any difference to our customers. It’s going to be the same as it always was.”

Danny will still be involved, however, handling marketing duties for the pharmacy and its specialty compounding and diabetic shoe divisions, as well as a new business venture for the family. Jacob and Jared plan to open Marble City Vital Care this summer. The home infusion company will deliver IV medications to patients leaving the hospital or other care facility who need continued treatment at home.

“There is nobody doing this, that we know of, in a three- or four-county area, so we think we can do a real service for the hospitals, nursing services, hospice programs and physicians in these areas,” Danny said.

Vital Care will be by referral only and will work in conjunction with a nursing service.

Danny said it will take time to adjust to his new role, but he is glad to pass the business into capable hands.

“This will be a struggle for me, but we’re going to be fine,” he said.

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