Mahand out as Talladega football coach
The Talladega City Board of Education accepted the resignation of Talladega head coach Christopher Mahand on Tuesday afternoon with a 3-0 vote. Mahand went on the record with The Daily Home saying that he was forced out of the job.

“It was really never up to me to leave,” Mahand said. “ At the end of the football season like I always do, I spoke with my administrator and he told me that I would be back. In late January, he told me that circumstances have changed. I don’t know what the circumstances were, but I had a discussion with him that I would be back for next season. I didn’t entertain any job offers, while there were two job offers presented to me that I didn’t entertain, because I gave my word that I would be back once I spoke to him to see if he wanted me back. That is the nature of the game that we are in, so there’s no hard feelings. They have to do what they think is the best for Talladega High School and the kids. The only hard part about it was telling the kids that I was going to have to leave them. That was the hardest part about the whole deal. That is just the nature of the game that we are in. I just wish them all the luck with their new hire.”

The Tigers went 6-34 in Mahand’s four seasons at helm. In the 2012 season Talladega went 3-7, which was the most wins by a Talladega team since 2004.

“I enjoyed it,” Mahand said. “You definitely can’t tell the progress that was made with wins and losses. As far as the kids, they fought hard and their competitive nature has changed since I have been there. I wish we could have won more games, but it definitely has been a change for the better and I would like to think that I was a part of that.

I just think Talladega needed a change in this late date and I just wish them all the luck.”

Before coming to Talladega, Mahand recorded 33-7 record at TC Central. He led the Fighting Tigers to the Class 1A finals in 1997.

Talladega is the third school without a football coach in Talladega County. Lincoln former head coach Ryan Herring went to Oxford, while Winterboro head coach Dave Nunberg resigned stating that ‘it wasn’t a good fit’ for the reason he is leaving.

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