ALDOT seeking solution for Alabama 21 sinkhole
by Emily Adams
The state Department of Transportation is seeking a permanent solution for a section of Highway 21 South that has repeatedly shifted due to sinkhole activity. As a temporary fix, workers resurfaced the lanes this week.
TALLADEGA COUNTY — The Alabama Department of Transportation is seeking a permanent solution to an apparent sinkhole on Alabama 21 South, according to Fourth Division Engineer DeJarvis Leonard.

ALDOT workers had lanes blocked at mile marker 225 Thursday and Friday to resurface a short patch of the highway that has repeatedly shifted, creating an uneven driving surface. The area, about halfway between Winterboro and Sycamore, has been a source of trouble for more than a year. Leonard said recent weather conditions caused the already-bumpy lanes to shift again.

“This is a location we have had problems with before, and with the recent rain event, that problem came up again where we have movement of the lanes,” he said.

After resurfacing the area at least three times to no avail in the last year, Leonard said engineers are looking for a long-term answer.

“We are working with the Montgomery office to get a complete analysis of that area to determine a permanent resolution,” he said. “The work that has been done up until this point has just been a temporary leveling of the lanes until we can determine what can be done permanently.”

ALDOT’s geotechnical section is involved in the analysis and the road is being monitored for safety.

“We feel we have some type of active sinkhole in that area,” Leonard said. “We are constantly monitoring it day and night and sometimes on the weekends.”

Leonard said sinkholes in Talladega County are fairly common, but still more work must be done before they can effectively stop the shifting road.

“I don’t have an answer as to what will be done, but I can say they are actively working to find that out,” he said.

Workers present on the highway this week were expected to finish Friday.

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