Sillmon scores 46 points, leads Lincoln over Comer 63-47
Ty Sillmon scored 46 points in Lincoln's win over Comer on Monday night.
Lincoln looked sluggish in the first half of their game in the Talladega County Basketball Tournament against B.B. Comer, but the team was propelled to a win by Ty Sillmon and her 46 point performance. Sillmon very nearly scored more points than the entire opposing team, with the final score being in favor of Lincoln to a tune of 63-47.

The win moves Lincoln on in the tournament to play no. 1 seed Winterboro and they won’t have much of a turnaround either, as the game is tonight at 7:30 p.m.

“This will be the third time we’ve had to face them and each time we’ve played them we’ve lost by six,” Lincoln head coach Chad Bynum said. “Coach Smith does a good job there. They’re not ranked no. 1 in the county right now for nothing. We’re going to have bring our A game, but I really think my girls will show up to play. This is one of those games they love playing in. I think we’ll be ready for them.”

Sillmon’s performance was capped in the fourth quarter, when she scored 20 of her 46 points and was a perfect 12 for 12 from the free throw line.

“We spend a lot of time shooting free throws in practice,” Bynum said. “Free throws win and lose ball games. Ty Sillmon, she does as good a job as anybody of drawing that contact when she goes in for the shot. Consequently, she finished with 46 points. I’d say probably 75 percent of those came from the line, you know, her ability to draw contact. I was real pleased with her and all the girls in our ability to make free throws down the stretch.”

Lincoln opened the game with a 5-2 lead, but Comer hung in the game until late in the third quarter, when a pressure defense employed by Bynum began to wear Comer down.

After Dominique Wood converted a free throw on a 3-point play, the Lincoln lead was down to 6-5. Then, Lincoln went on a 5-0 run before Comer came back with four unanswered points. By the end of the first quarter, the score favored Lincoln, 11-9.

Midway through the second quarter, Comer was able to take a 17-15 lead. They were able to hold on to a narrow 21-20 lead at the half.

Midway through the third quarter, Lincoln took a 28-27 lead when Quintavian Carmichael sank two free throws. By the end of the third quarter, Lincoln had control of the game with a commanding 39-29 lead, holding Comer to eight points in the quarter, due, at least in part, to a pressure defense that troubled Comer.

“Typically, we try to run some sort of press every now and again,” Bynum said. “We just played flat and sloppy in that first half. I told the girls we were going to come out and put some pressure on them, make them handle the ball and the girls responded to it. They did a good job with it, we were able to get some turnovers and we were able to get some easy transition points out of it.”

Sillmon said the team’s pregame focus was actually more on defense than offense.

“Our defense is what we were going for,” she said. “We’re trying to get our defense better and I was trying to stay out of foul trouble. I’ve got to work on not fouling so much. So, defense is what it really was.”

In the fourth quarter, Sillmon showed offensive fireworks and Lincoln led by six points or more for the entire quarter.

Comer had four of their players foul out of the game, including Dominique Wood with five minutes left in the fourth quarter.

For Lincoln, Dominique Wood finished as the team’s leading scorer with 18 points, while Valencia Lawson had 15 points.

Ty Sillmon led all scorers with 46 points, while teammate Quartavian Carmichael chipped in eight points.

“Individually, that’s the best game I’ve seen from her, offensively,” Bynum said of Sillmon. “You typically don’t want to set one player above another, but when somebody scores 46 points, that’s impressive. I don’t care who you are. Ty’s just a great kid, comes to work every day, does what’s asked of her. She’s just that kind of a player. She shows up to play.”

Sillmon’s 46 points sets a new record for most points in a girls game during play in the Talladega County Basketball Tournament.

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