Sheriff's Department, DA's Office offering gun safety classes
by Chris Norwood
TALLADEGA COUNTY — The Sheriff’s Department and District Attorneys Office is offering free gun safety classes.

According to Chief Deputy Jimmy Kilgore, the course will consist of a classroom segment giving an overview of gun laws in Alabama, how to carry, handle and store guns safely. This portion will be Jan. 31 at 6 p.m. in the training room at the Sheriff’s Investigators Office, the former County Health Department building on South Street.

The second segment will involve practical instruction at a firing range on Feb. 2. Participants must attend the classroom section before going to the range.

“We’re selling concealed carry permits like never before recently, and some gun shops actually sold out over the holidays,” Kilgore said. “We’ve had a lot of requests for something like this. With citizens apparently becoming more armed than ever before, this is a good service for us to offer. And that’s fine with me. Law abiding citizens have the right to protect their families and their property. They just need to learn how to do it safely.”

Kilgore said he is considering offering the classes on a continuous basis, and plans are also in the works for a class in the south end of the county. A date for these classes will be announced.

“In light of everything that’s happened lately, and the number of permits going, this is something we’re happy to participate in,” District Attorney Steve Giddens said.

Giddens said the fears expressed by several people over new federal legislation are unfounded. “I’ve looked at the proposed changes, but nothing has been changed yet. Everything is still the way it was before. Be at ease.”

The legal aspects portion of the class will be taught by someone from the District Attorney’s Office, and the practical instruction will come from Lt. Ron Smith, who is the Sheriff’s Department’s firearms instructor. The classes are free.

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