Quick response helps CPD catch alleged robber
by Mark Ledbetter
CHILDERSBURG — Jeremy Antonio McGinnis’ alleged attempted robbery was foiled Monday night when he exited The Pit Stop and found three police officers with guns drawn.

Investigator Lt. Doug Wesson said the officers responded to a 10:13 p.m. dispatch within 47 seconds.

He said McGinnis entered The Pit Stop, at 32183 U.S. 280, demanding money as the store was closing. When the clerk reached for a Taser, McGinnis struggled with her, wrestled the Taser from her and struck her on the forehead.

McGinnis left the store with several cartons of cigarettes, a bag with $100 in cash and a bag with $160 in quarters only to be greeted by officers ordering him to lie on the ground.

“McGinnis sat on the ground and offered no resistance,” Wesson said.

McGinnis was reported to be wearing a hoodie and gloves and his car was parked at the carwash beside the store and was still running.

Wesson said McGinnis was charged with first-degree robbery and first-degree assault. Bond was set at $50,000 for each count and McGinnis remains in the Talladega County Jail.

First-degree robbery is a Class A felony and, if convicted, carries a sentence of 10 to 99 years or life in prison.

First-degree assault is a Class B felony and, if convicted, carries a sentence of two to 20 years.

Wesson said the store clerk, whose name was not released, was treated by paramedics at the scene.

Police Chief Shane Burnette said unless an officer is on another call, the average response time by Childersburg police officers is significantly less than 2 minutes.

“In this case, he (McGinnis) was met by three officers in 47 seconds,” Burnette said.

The Pit Stop is in an area of Childersburg where there have been a series of burglaries that began before the Christmas holidays and continued through the first week of January.

Wesson said the area of town between 1st Street N.W. and the Coosa River Bridge is susceptible to burglaries because of the easy access and traffic flow. U.S. 280 is an open corridor to Shelby County.

Tierra Caliente, a Mexican Restaurant on U.S. 280, has been burglarized twice since Dec 13. Thieves took four flat screen TVs, currency and a cash register after breaking through a plate glass door. Theft and damages exceeded $6,000.

The restaurant was broken into again Dec. 29 and a cash register and currency were taken.

“They’ve been using a rock (to break in),” Wesson said.

Olde Town Grille at 50 River Run Road reported the theft of a flat screen TV on Dec. 31 and on Jan. 1 police investigated a burglary involving more than $4,000 in jewelry at River Pointe Apartment Homes on River Run Road.

“We have a suspect,” Wesson said, “but we don’t have enough to pin it on him.”

Anyone with information related to any of these cases is encouraged to call investigations at 256-378-5747.

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