Munford schools locked down Monday afternoon
by Kenny Farmer
MUNFORD – Schools in Munford went into lockdown Monday afternoon after it was reported that an adult with a gun was in the parking lot of the middle school.

According to Talladega County Sheriff’s Department ‘s Chief Deputy Jimmy Kilgore, two men were involved in a verbal confrontation at the Munford Post Office. As the argument escalated, one of the men told the other that he had a gun in his vehicle. As the argument seemingly came to an end, the man who had referred to having a gun in his vehicle drove to Munford Middle School to pick up one of his children that attends school there.

The other man involved in the confrontation followed him to the school, where he alerted officials that a person with a gun was on school grounds. School officials called the Munford Police Department who was first on the scene. Shortly thereafter, deputies from the Talladega County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the school.

Kilgore said the man who alerted school officials about the gun had been drinking and was arrested for public intoxication, as well as filing a false police report, and was being booked into the Talladega County Jail.

While responding to the situation, Kilgore said he encountered an unrelated situation where an agitated individual showed up on school grounds and shoved a Talladega County deputy. He was arrested for misdemeanor assault on a police officer and was also taken to the jail.

According to Talladega County Schools public information officer Gayle Jones, after the initial report of the man with the gun, all three Munford schools were locked down and faculty and students went into their safety plan. The school remained in lockdown for approximately 15-20 minutes until the situation was resolved.

Names of the arrested individuals had not been released as of press time Monday.

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