HPC approves plan to brick TC guard shacks
by Chris Norwood
TALLADEGA — The Historic Preservation Commission voted Thursday 3-0, with one abstention, to grant a certificate of appropriateness to Talladega College’s plan to brick the exteriors of four guard shacks, located at either end of West Battle Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Commissioner Gerald Williams, who is also Talladega College vice president of Administration and Finance, did not cast a vote.

The other commissioners voted to approve the bricks only.

Williams said the guard shacks would eventually be manned, but for the time being will contain only security cameras. He said the college is also working with Alabama Power for more lights and is planning to install call boxes throughout the campus as well.

The cameras will record the license plates of every vehicle entering and leaving the campus, he said.

Commission member Nancy Lutchendorf said the future security guards would not have the authority to stop anyone, so why not just mount the cameras on poles.

Williams said the college wanted both the shacks and the cameras. “They (the shacks) could be utilized by certain individuals in other circumstances, such as bad weather.”

Once the brick is up, the college logo will also be displayed on the sides of the buildings. Lutchendorf pointed out that the vote Thursday was on the bricks only, not possible signage issues that might need to be addressed later.

The other exterior features of the guard shacks, including roofs, windows, doors and trim, will also have to be signed off on by the commission at a later date.

Williams said the plan submitted Thursday was done by a student, who used a laptop to superimpose bricks over images of the shacks. He had indicated earlier that the bricks would be purchased and laid by the same company that made the new entrance and exit signs.

Also Thursday, the Historic Preservation Commission:

• Approved a set of federal guidelines for the college campus. Copies of the approximately 160 page document can be found online at the Department of the Interior’s website or at City Hall.

• Heard Lutchendorf thank the 28 Silk Stocking District residents who put decorated Christmas trees in their yards.

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