How do children feel about resolutions?
by Elsie Hodnett
New Year’s is a time many people make resolutions for the upcoming year. Many adults make the same resolutions year after year—lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier.

But how do children feel about New Year’s resolutions?

This year we have input from third and fourth graders at Eden Elementary School, who came up with quite a variety of things they want to accomplish in 2013.

Third Grade:

Mason Kirkland wants to go over to the nursing home and support the elderly. “I will do anything for the elderly,” he said.

Alston Funderburg wants to save money for the people in Haiti so they can buy things they need like food and shoes.

“To help people who don’t have homes,” said Chris Looney.

Jakob Jackson wants to help people with their pets.

Christian Clark wants to donate money to people who need money.

Austin Drake wants to exercise, something many adults will have on their own resolution lists.

“I want to get money so I can help people that don’t have anything,” Caleb Singleton said.

Brooklyn Black wanst to make a change by giving money to the poor and starting a friends for change club in her school.

Alyssa Edwards wants to help her family and be responsible.

Jimmy Meade wants to raise money for Eden Elementary School.

“I want to try to go to the nursing home every day,” said Zoe Kay.

Josh Decker wants to help people and animals that are sick. “I want to save money to give to people with no homes and give food for people and animals with no homes,” he said.

Catherine Pinson wants to raise money for the hospital.

Maddie Foote wants to raise money for the nursing home.

Both Conner Pike and Tayler Dowdy want to save and raise money for people in need.

“I want to go read to (people in) the nursing home,” Desiree Wadle said.

Fourth Grade:

Gannon Osborne wants to play football, while Austin Swindle wants to play baseball for the first time ever.

“I want to be a singer, play the guitar, play basketball, play football and baseball,” said Carson Walker.

Emily Grace McIntosh wants to help at a doctor’s office, and Gracie Whaley wants to help people at the hospital.

“I want to play a cool sounding song I heard on Poptropica on the violin and to get a monster book like the one Olivia’s brother Will has,” said Cade Bryant.

Brayden Turner wants to learn a lot of his piano, and Olivia DeMent and James Lewis want to play the guitar.

“I want to win the basketball championship and I want to be an architect,” said Ty Hannah.

Cassidy Murphy wants to help poor people out with her church, and Ben Higginbotham wants to help his school.

“I want to become a better listener to my teachers and baseball and football coaches,” Grayson Willis said.

Lizzie Clark wants to still do gymnastics this coming year.

“I want to be friends with everyone,” said Madeline Cook. And Kalista Ferrell echoed Madeline’s thoughts by wanting to be friends with everybody too.

While many adults, including myself, think about New Year’s resolutions that benefit us, perhaps it’s time to learn a lesson from the youth who see a New Year’s resolution as a way to help others.

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