Christmas at the Fire House 2012
by mobilecitybuzz
<p>Christmas is that time of year everyone likes to gather together and spend time with family members and celebrate Jesus, life, love, and companionship for each other.</p> <p>Sometimes Christmas for those who have chosen to be firefighters are not able to spend Christmas Eve or Christmas Day with family and friends because they have to be on-duty on Christmas Eve for their 24 hour shift and then get mandatory overtime and have to work Christmas Day.</p> <p>This Christmas Eve the third shift was on-duty to celebrate the holiday and to respond to any emergency that may occur during 24 hour time period of Christmas Eve.</p> <p>This year like in years past Santa Claus came by and visited all the fire stations in Mobile Alabama to bring a little joy, give each firefighter a candy cane, and with everyone a merry Christmas.</p> <p>Firefighters become like brothers and sisters around the fire house and each firefighter has their way of expressing their comradeship with one another during the Christmas holiday season.</p> <p>Firefighters at Tapia Fire Station on the third shift are a close knit group and this year like in years past each crew member of Ladder Truck 5 brought in a Christmas gift to give to other members assigned to Ladder Truck 5.</p> <p>Firefighter Darrell Farmer received a subway gift card from the driver, a RE:SOLVE multifunctional tool from the captain, and a bag of chocolate candy from the firefighter crew who are assigned to Ladder Truck 5 third shift.</p> <p>Firefighter Darrell Farmer gave each member on Ladder Truck 5 a HDX 23 piece 1/4in Drive Set multifunctional tool as a Christmas gift as his way of expressing his comradeship with the members on Ladder Truck 5 third shift at Tapia Fire Station.</p> <p>This Christmas will also be the last Christmas the crew members of Ladder Truck 5 will celebrate Christmas with their captain at Tapia Fire Station because he will begin retirement after January 2013.</p> <p>The night before Christmas and all through the fire house</p> <p>Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse</p> <p>The bunker gear was hung by the fire truck with care</p> <p>In hopes that they would not have to go out nowhere</p> <p>Firefighters were nestled all snug in their beds</p> <p>With visions of three alarms dancing in their heads</p> <p>&#160;And the chiefs in their kerchiefs and captains in caps</p> <p>Were all settled down for a nice winters nap</p> <p>When out in the engine room there arose such a clatter<br /><br /> Firefighters sprang from their beds to see what was the matter<br /><br /> Away to the window firefighters flew like a flash,<br /><br /> Tore open the shutters, and threw up the sash<br /><br /> When, what to firefighters wondering eyes should appear,<br /><br /> But a miniature fire truck , and eight tiny , fire flies</p> <p>And firefighters heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight-<br /><br /> Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.</p> <p><a rel="nofollow" href=""></a></p>
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