Clevenger new assistant fire chief in Pell City
by David Atchison
PELL CITY – The fire department has a new assistant fire chief.

Newly appointed Fire Chief Mike Burdette announced that he promoted veteran firefighter Shaun Clevenger, 45, as the department’s new assistant fire chief.

“He knows this fire department from the ground up,” Burdette said Thursday. “He’s very good at working with people, civic groups.”

Clevenger has worked with the Pell City Fire Department for more than 22 years and has had much public contact.

Clevenger said Thursday he will bring his experience as a firefighter and medic, along with his organizational skills, to the job.

“He kept very detailed records,” Burdette said.

The assistant fire chief position was only established and filled about one year ago, when Burdette was appointed to the position. Burdette was promoted by the council earlier this month to fire chief.

“It is still a new fairly position,” Clevenger said.

Clevenger started working with the Pell City Fire Department part-time in 1989. One year later, he was working fulltime as a firefighter/medic with the fire department.

Clevenger worked his way through the ranks, and advanced to lieutenant in 1998. Ten years later, he was promoted to captain in 2008.

“I will help oversee the day-to-day operations of the fire department,” Clevenger said.

He will also oversee training.

Burdette said in his absence, Clevenger will have full authority to manage the fire department, which includes 40 employees and four fire stations.

Clevenger will also oversee inspections of new construction. The new assistant chief has been involved in public safety fire prevention, and with his new position Clevenger will oversee pre-incident planning.

“I’m excited,” Clevenger said.

Clevenger is a long-time resident of Pinson. He and his wife Shannon have two children, Shauna, 11, and Shelton who is 13.

Burdette said he thought it was important to promote from within, and Clevenger was the only candidate to apply for the job.

Burdette said he must now fill a captain’s and a lieutenant’s position in January with Clevenger’s recent promotion.

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