Teaching children to be safe in emergencies
by Chris Norwood
TALLADEGA —Police Chief Alan Watson and Officer Lee Harris visited the Kiddie School Junction Daycare Center Monday to help them implement an emergency response plan and to help teach the children what to do in that situation.

According to a press release provided by Cheryl Haywood, a member of the board that oversees Kiddie School Junction and Granny’s House Daycare in Talladega, the police came to “teach the children about safety during emergencies. In light of recent events, Kiddie School Director Gail Millender wanted professional help in developing the best emergency plans possible to keep the children safe. The Talladega Police Department is working diligently with the staff at (both) centers to implement new safety plans in both locations.”

The release goes on to say that “staff members at Kiddie School and Granny’s House agree that the safety of the children was is the number one priority in all their day care centers. Schools are required to have evacuation plans for tornadoes and fires, but it is important to be prepared for any type of emergency situations. As these plans are being put in place, the staff members at both centers will be required to practice the safety plan procedures with the children so that the children are prepared as well.”

During Monday evening’s Talladega City Council meeting, Watson told the council that emergency plans were in place with all of the city schools prior to the shooting incident in Connecticut Friday. All of his officers have training in active shooter situations.

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