Action tabled on TC guard shacks
by Chris Norwood
TALLADEGA — The Historic Preservation Commission tabled a request for a certificate of appropriateness for the guard shacks on the Talladega College campus during their regular meeting Thursday night.

Gerald Williams, who spoke on behalf of the college and is also a commission member, said the college’s plan was to use bricks and the same brick layer who put up the entrance and exit to the campus on West Battle Street.

Board Chairman Ed King said the doors, windows and roof would also have to comply with the historic standard, which Williams said would require the school to hire an architect and would delay construction.

City Planner Joel Wiggins said the commission would need a design for the project to consider, showing what the finished product would look like.

Williams asked if it would be acceptable to use wood matching one of the other buildings for the kiosks. Commission member Nancy Lutchendorf said wood or brick could be interpreted as appropriate as long as it was cohesive.

Williams said, “We’ll go back and get an architect and get drawings, but it’s going to delay the project and that brings up a safety issue. Not all our buildings are the same, they were built by different people at different times.”

Williams asked the item be tabled, but abstained from voting on that measure.

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