We should all follow police officer's example
By now, you have probably seen, or at least read about the New York City police officer who bought some boots and warm socks for a homeless man he ran across in Times Square.

A tourist saw what was happening, recorded it on a cell phone, posted on YouTube and then it made its way to Facebook. Modern storytelling at its best.

The police officer didn’t seem to know what the fuss was about. He had seen a barefoot man on the streets of his city. Night was coming, and it was getting cold. Just around the corner was a shoe store. So he acted, and by doing so he reminded us all of what is really important.

Not only did he buy the socks and the boots, he knelt down to help the man get them on his feet. His service went beyond providing the needed shoes, it included making sure they were on, and that they fit.

This officer was young, 27 or so, and it strikes us somewhere along the line he was influenced by parents who taught him the importance of taking care of others.

Christmas is fast approaching. We would all do well to remember that young police officer, and to emulate his behavior as a testament to the season.

© 2012