Students help those in need of more than just food
by Aziza Jackson
Munford Elementary School’s student government association is delivering more than just food today.

The students who range from grades three to five are delivering smiles this holiday season to local families in need.

“I want our students to see the importance of helping someone who may be less fortunate than them,” said SGA Sponsor Katy Cox.

“Through reaching out to someone who may be going through a difficult time, our students are able to really grasp the real meaning of being thankful for what they have.”

Cox will be going door-to-door with fifth-grade SGA officers Tuesday morning hand-delivering groceries for the week along with all the fixings of a Thanksgiving meal.

“It’s just our way of reaching out before we go home for the holidays,” Cox said.

Cox said that the SGA is comprised of about 40 students, who collectively sponsor a handful of families throughout the year.

The families are selected based on their need and are often referred to the SGA through school counselors.

The proceeds from a Fall Festival silent auction held by the SGA in October will go towards purchasing the groceries.

“As an SGA sponsor we have a huge focus on leadership in our school this year and I want my students to see the importance of reaching out an helping those in need,” Cox said.

“I think that it’s really important as a human to see there’s a difference in what people have and if you can you should help out.”

Cox said that MES is currently in the process of becoming a “Leader In Me” school and is working with the Franklin Covey Institute to educate faculty and students about establishing a culture of leadership.

“We want our students to be leaders in their homes, in our schools, and in our community,” Cox said. “Through service projects like these, our goal is to help our students assume that role of leadership in their community.”

SGA President Drake Hollis, SGA Vice President X'Zavian Britt, SGA Secretary Kelby Kayden, SGA Treasurer Ethan Swinford, and SGA Inspirational Leader Blake Hollis will deliver groceries to five families with Cox and school counselor Kim Browning.

“We go do the shopping, we load up the groceries, and we go to the homes,” Cox said.

“They go up to the families and give them the groceries and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.”

Cox said that the SGA also delivers groceries to families in need at Christmas every year.

“Our Munford community is a community that really looks out for one another,” Cox said. “But it’s also good for our students to see that people live different on a day-to-day basis and people don’t always have the same things others do.

“It makes them very grateful for what they do have.”

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