Jared Brasher inks scholarship with Samford
PELL CITY- The last few months have been nothing short of remarkable for Pell City’s Jared Brasher. The hard throwing senior played in the Under Amour All-American game this summer and threw a 1-2-3 inning against some of the best players in the nation. On Tuesday, he added one more accomplishment. Brasher who committed to Samford in August made it official as he signed a letter of intent to play baseball at Samford University.

“It makes me happy that he (God) would do something like this for me,” Brasher said. “ I am ready to get to Samford and hang out with all the guys. They have some great guys and I love the campus, it is beautiful. I really like the coaches. Coach Dunn gave me a chance to be able to play in his program and that means he actually ahs a lot of respect for me. I am just ready to be up there and a part of that team.”

Having success last season made Samford more appealing to Brasher. The Bulldogs went

“I just really loved the coaching staff,” Brasher said. “They coaching staff is great and they have had a lot of success the last couple of years in baseball. I think they have a really good program put together and it is going to go up from here.”

Brasher admits that signing early takes pressure off of him and allows him to enjoy his last season in the black and gold.

“It definitely takes pressure off, so you can go and play like it is t-ball,” Brahser said. “You have nothing to worry about like you are playing after school ball. This is your last year with your friends, so it is time to do all the things you can do and just have fun.”

This upcoming season, Pell City head coach Andrew Tarver will have the tough decision of where to pitch Brasher in the rotation.

“We have Jared over there that throws anywhere from 88-92 depending on what day it is,” Tarver said. “We know he can throw it by guys and he knows it. It is just a sense of where we are going to put him at is going to be the question this year. Are we going to let him throw seven or let him come in and close. We haven’t really made a decision, but hopefully, we can both win him.”

Earning playing time is not the only thing that Brasher is going to be focused on when arriving at Samford.

“I definitely have to control my grades,” Brasher said. “My mom makes me control my grades. That is a big key and I am ready to start playing for them. It is going to be challenging and I know the academics are going to be brutal. At the end of the day, I will have a degree from Samford. I am going to get a good teaching of baseball and I am ready to go.”

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