Pell City’s Jones signs with Montevallo
PELL CITY — When it was time to deliver, Alex Jones was ready and it paid off. The Pell City slugger signed a letter of intent to play baseball with Montevallo on Tuesday morning in the Pell City Center.

“I went to a camp in Troy and they really caught on to me there,” Jones said. “They called me immediately after the camp saying, ‘we saw play throughout school ball and we really like you.’ I was really impressed with the way they carried themselves. They were really positive towards me. I knew at the end of the day, I would rather play for a coach that loves me, and I know those guys were really open about me coming down there. I am really excited about going down there and hanging out with all the guys. I am excited about getting the opportunity to play four more years with a different team. I am real excited about college, playing Xbox all day, going to class and hanging out.”

Jones said signing before the season allows him to focus on playing baseball and having fun.

“I told myself that God is going take care of it,” Jones said. “Now, that I have it, I am going to have fun with the guys. We are going to sit in the dugout and chill with them knowing at the end of the day everything is planned out for me. Now I can go to work.”

Pell City head coach Andrew Tarver is elated that Jones signed with Montevallo.

“I know the coach over there has been working really hard, Tarver said.

“ I think this may be his third or fourth season and each year they have got better. They got in the playoffs last year for the first team since he has been there and the first time in 10 years. I think with him going there it is the right choice for him. I told both of these guys when they go to sign somewhere make sure they are somewhere where the coach wants you. He wants you just not for your ability; he wants you for the type of kid that you are. If you do fail, and you will, because it is a humbling game, that they will you give you another chance to get back in there and show them what you can do again.”

The third baseman was very impressed with what he saw at Montevallo.

“I love the place too,” Jones said. “I went down there and I was like ‘this is awesome’. I saw the field and everyone says the ball carries well there, so I can hit a couple bombs. The coaches were awesome and the team was awesome. I went down and saw the weight room and it was sweet. Everything is cool there and he atmosphere was sweet. It is not too far from home, so my grand parents can come and watch me play.“

Jones said the Falcons are getting a hard worker, a quality student/athlete and a winner.

“They are getting a guy that wants to win,” Jones said. ”They are getting a guy that not afraid of getting after somebody. They are getting a guy that likes to have fun with all my teammates and friends.”
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