Waldo mayor's race remains undecided
by Aziza Jackson
WALDO — Everett Askew, who is deadlocked with Susan Crim in the race for mayor, is calling foul for the way the election has been handled.

He denies he was offered a seat on the town’s council as president in return for dropping out of the mayoral race to let Crim win.

Waldo Fire Chief Chrystal Blackerby said earlier that Askew was asked to be president of the council but it was not until 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 5, when she and others found out he did not withdraw from the mayor’s race.

New Waldo officials were to be sworn in Monday night with the rest of the municipalities but since that did not happen, Waldo is now left with no leadership and the chance the town will be unincorporated.

“They can’t offer me anything,” Askew said. “They can’t offer me anything. It’s against the law. I want people to know I have not accepted and will not accept a council position. I want to be in a runoff and I want the people to vote for their choice. It’s time to cut the mess out.”

Askew said the town is in a “catch-22” because the town clerk can’t call for a runoff election with approval from the council, and the new council has not been sworn in.

Askew said he believes that nepotism is also at play because Blackerby is Crim’s daughter.

He said Crim’s sister also wants to be on the council.

Brenda Crim, Ronald Williams and Annie Askew, who is Askew’s wife, were uncontested for council seats in the primary election.

For nearly a month, both Crim and Askew have been deadlocked in the race for mayor.

In the Tuesday, Oct. 9, municipal election, there was a three-way runoff for mayor; Crim received 36 votes, Askew 27 votes, and Dee Ford 24 votes.

Waldo residents were not sure if Crim won the race for mayor, even though she received more votes than Askew.

According to attorney Tracy Roberts with the League of Municipalities, another runoff is necessary between Crim and Askew because Crim did not receive the majority vote.

That runoff has yet to happen.

Blackerby said a letter was sent to Gov. Robert Bentley Monday night, and District 2 Commissioner John Luker and Rep. Steve Hurst (R-Munford) have been contacted to help resolve the situation.

“If the governor appoints her, we’ll get up a petition,” Askew said. “I just want to do what is right by the people.”

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