Guild donates quilts to Veterans Home
by Kenny Farmer
PELL CITY — Upon arrival at the Col. Robert L. Howard State Veterans Home, each resident will be given a homemade quilt thanks to the hard work of Pell City’s Friendship Quilters Guild, as well as other nearby quilters.

“It’s been a long project, and we’re not complete yet,” said Peggy Williams, president of the Friendship Quilters Guild. “We still have about 50 more quilts to complete, but we wanted to get as many here as we could by Veterans Day.”

The guild delivered 211 quilts to the Veterans Home Friday afternoon. When the project is complete, all 254 beds in the Veterans Home will be covered with a homemade quilt. Each quilt made for the veterans contains the message, “To honor and comfort.”

Manda Mountain, director of the veterans home, said the kindness displayed by the quilters was “overwhelming.”

Fifty members of the guild have been working on the project since Nov. 30, 2010. Other nearby quilters from Birmingham, Moody, Oxford, Gadsden and Jacksonville joined the project earlier this year.

Friendship Quilters Guild member and veteran Margaret Rose chaired the project and reached out to neighboring guilds to get them involved.

Williams, president of the Friendship Quilters Guild, said she hopes the efforts of the various guilds will “honor, comfort and show gratitude” to the incoming residents of the veterans home.

Members of the guild designed their own quilts and donated fabric to complete the project.

“There’s no two alike,” Williams said of the quilts.

Quilters also spent many hours of their time to have a majority of the quilts ready for Veterans Day.

“To dedicate that much time to someone you don’t know is very touching,” Mountain said.

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