Golden Bears defeat Sardis Lions, 49-34
by Matt Tyson
LINCOLN — The Lincoln Golden Bears ended their three game losing streak Friday and made it through the first round of playoffs defeating the Sardis Lions 49-34.

The Golden Bears rushed for 301 yards, with Tredarian Gamble leading the team with 157.

“I’m happy,” said head coach Ryan Herring. “When you win a playoff game, you’re always happy because you got another week.”

The Bears dominated the first half, keeping the Lions from scoring while Zay Caldwell taking a long pass into the end zone in the first and second quarters, leading 14-0 at halftime.

The Lions stepped up in the second half. After receiving at the start of the third, Wallace Pee quickly put Sardis on the board, but the Lions were unable to score the extra point.

The Bears responded on the next possession with a touchdown from Gamble. Gamble went on to put up six more points for the Bears after an interception by Caldwell in the first few seconds of the fourth.

The Lion’s offense fought back for the rest of the game, scoring on almost every possession. However, the Bears would hold onto their lead with Devante Peeler scoring the final touchdown of the night for the Bears.

Despite the win, Herring knows his team has room for improvement. The Bears defense had a tough time keeping the Lions out of the end zone during the second half.

“I thought we played downhill and physical on offense,” Herring said. “On defense, we did a poor job of tackling on the perimeter. We’ve got to get better at tackling on the second and third levels.”

This game marks the official end of Sardis’ football season. It was the Lion’s first year competing on the 4A level.

The Lions found success early in the season, but were met with a streak of losing games towards the end. Head coach Gene Hill felt his team never got back on track.

“We just couldn’t get over the hump,” Hill said.

Despite being put out early in the playoffs, Coach Hill is happy of his teams overall performance in their first year in a new division.

“We showed we could compete,” Hill said. “Now we just got to get back in the weight room. I feel we’ll be all right next year.

The Golden Bears continue to the second round of the playoffs next week, facing off against Madison County.

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