Shootout leaves 2 men seriously injured
TALLADEGA — Police are investigating a shooting on Scott Street Friday night that left two people with serious injuries, according to Capt. Leon Thomas.

Both men involved in the shooting remained at University Hospital in Birmingham Wednesday.

Thomas said officers initially responded to a call on the 820 block of Scott Street at 10:50 p.m. Friday. They initially found Takarius Jabraun Turner, 26, of Shaw Avenue, laying in the front yard with what appeared to be numerous gunshot wounds. An AK 47 assault rifle was lying on the front porch.

Turner was transported to the emergency room of Citizens Baptist Medical Center, where he was stabilized before being airlifted to University Hospital.

Timothy Wilson Jr., 26, was found inside the residence on Scott Street, where he lives. He had a single gunshot wound to his leg, but the bullet hit his femoral artery, so the wound was considered serious. He was taken to Citizens and loaded directly onto a helicopter there.

Thomas said investigators have not been able to talk with either man, so the details and exact timeline of events remain unclear. A witness told investigators that Turner came into Wilson’s home with the AK 47, and, after a verbal argument, shots were fired.

Wilson appears to have been firing a .45 caliber automatic handgun. Turner was hit at least 10 times in the chest, abdomen, legs and foot.

No information was available on either man’s condition.

A search warrant was carried out on the Scott Street house Monday. Several casings from both weapons were recovered, and investigators documented holes in the walls of the house that appeared to have been fired from both inside and outside the residence.

Anyone with information on this incident should contact the Talladega Police Department at 256-362-4508 or call the city’s anonymous tip line at 256-299-0011.

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