Pell City native, former NFL star now broadcast partners
by Kenny Farmer
Rachel Baribeau continues to make an impact in the male dominated world of sports media. The Pell City High School graduate recently joined radio veteran Carl Dukes and former Pittsburgh Steeler Kordell “Slash” Stewart on the launch of Atlanta’s new sports talk radio station, “The Game,” 92.9 FM.

Baribeau said it had always been a dream of hers to work for CBS Sports, and last week that dream came true. Her show, “Gametime with Dukes, Slash and Rachel,” made its debut last Wednesday and was the first sports show broadcast on the new station, which replaced long time Atlanta rock station “Dave FM.”

Baribeau has covered Southeastern Conference football for over 10 years for Fox Sports,, The Tuscaloosa News and radio stations in Birmingham, Montgomery and Columbus, Ga. However, she wants her listeners in Atlanta to know that she’s “more than a football girl.”

She said she is looking forward to “broadening her horizons” at the new station. While SEC football will still be a big part of the discussion in Atlanta, her new job will also include in-depth coverage of the Braves, Hawks and Falcons as well as the PGA.

She said that there are many transplants in the area that will want to talk about other teams and players besides the ones in Atlanta. She said her co-host during her time in Birmingham, Max Howell, gave her great advice when he told her to “be prepared for anything and everything.”

She said she doesn’t know if she would have received the opportunity to launch the new station without the experience she gained in Birmingham on ESPN radio, 97.3 FM. Baribeau joined the station in November 2011 after being recommended by the voice of the Alabama Crimson Tide, Eli Gold. She said the experience was very helpful in preparing her for the next phase of her career.

“I’ll never forget my time in Birmingham,” she said. “They were very good to me.”

Baribeau said her pairing with Stewart and Dukes has made for a great broadcast team.

“The three of us have great chemistry,” she said. “You can’t manufacture that.”

Concerning the former NFL star Stewart, she describes him as “wonderful” and “funny.” She said he gives their radio team speeches before and after each show.

“He’s very motivating,” she said.

Baribeau said she is “very grateful” for the support she received from family, friends and teachers in the Pell City area.

“Every opportunity I’ve gotten has come from a combination of God’s plans, my dreams and those who love me,” she said. “I would not be here without their support.”

To listen to “Gametime with Dukes, Slash and Rachel,” search the web for ‘92.9 The Game’ or Smartphone users can download the app.

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