Wolves end season with a victory
by Mark Ledbetter
The Fayetteville Wolves ended their season with a win after defeating their visitors from Tuscaloosa, the Holy Spirit Titans, 34-8 on Friday.

“It is good to go out with a win,” Wolves coach John Limbaugh said. “All of our seniors were able to play important roles in the game; they were top notch.”

The Wolves’ victory is especially notable since they did it without starting quarterback Zack McGrady under center. McGrady injured his right hand in the last game and with it in a cast and heavily bandaged, he still was available for the kicking game and played defense.

The one-sided victory, however, doesn’t reflect the running game by Titans running back Derrick Garrnett who rushed for over 200 hundred yards, including runs of 60 and 72 yards, and accounting for the Titans’ only touchdown.

With reserve quarterback Tyrie Powell calling signals, the Wolves offense looked shaky at times. After missing exchanges with running backs, Limbaugh had Powell run the offense from the shotgun.

“Tyrie does a great job in the spread, so we put him in the shotgun so he would be more comfortable,” Limbaugh said. “We wanted him to feel successful.”

Limbaugh’s strategy worked. Powell settled down in the second quarter and led the team on a 63-yard march to the end zone, running for 40-plus yards, including a touchdown, and 33 yards passing. With Fayetteville in the lead, Powell broke the game open in the second quarter with a 63-yard pass for a touchdown.

With a balanced offensive attack the first half and a stingy defense led by Grayson Shaw, the Wolves took a 28-0 lead to the locker room at the half.

The Titans surprised the Wolves in the second half with a 72-yard gallop to the end zone by Garnett and with the two-point conversion, the score was 28-8.

With Jonathan Harbin starting the second half, the reserve quarterback manage to lead the team in a drive, but stalled out after a 14-yard run by running back Damian Harry was called back for holding.

The Titans managed to drive from their own 16, but was forced to punt with 3:45 left in the third quarter. The Wolves began an 80-yard drive that took them into the fourth quarter, led by running backs Harry, Dustin Ingram, and Darious Cook. The drive ended with Harbin taking the ball in from the 1 and the Wolves led 34-8.

With 11:19 left on the clock, the Titans mounted a drive chiefly on the ground behind the running of Garrett. The drive appeared to stall at the 48, but an interference call against Fayetteville kept the drive alive. The Titans moved the ball to the Wolves’ 13 but failed to score, turning the ball over on downs.

Fayetteville moved the ball to the Holy Spirit 39 and on fourth down, McGrady lined up a 55-yard field goal attempt that never took place because of a high snap.

The Titans drove the ball to the Wolves’ 2 when time expired and the Wolves took the game 34-8.

“They’re a classy bunch and coach Kosloff is a class act,” Limbaugh said.

Titan coach Greg Kosloff bragged on his runner Garrett after the game. “He’s played since the seventh grade,” Kosloff said. “You won’t find a finer kid. He has character and class and will be a success in life.”

Kosloff also had praises for the Fayetteville community. Kosloff said his family lost everything in the April 2010 tornadoes that ripped through the Tuscaloosa area.

“Fayetteville is a special community,” Kosloff said. “When their baseball team came to play ours, coach (Morris) Phillips and the team brought food, water, clothes and gift cards to my family.”

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