Laura Nation-Atchison: Me being won’t stop
I really don’t know why I got so chatty, except for me just being me and being interested in people and sometimes not knowing when to just shut up.

I say it all the time at work after getting off the phone with people…TMI! Why don’t I just shut up! I know that person didn’t really want to hear all of that.

But, being at the age I am and understanding that I’m not likely to change, there it is.

Gruffy calls me “the mouth of the South,” and sometimes for good reason.

But at least he does admit that I don’t betray important confidences, thank goodness, and I can tell you in all my years as a newspaper reporter, I never ratted anyone out even if they were “off the record,” although I was always quick to say I didn’t like to go there-unless it would lead me to the real information I needed.

So there I go again, TMI!

Anyway, I get home Thursday night, the phone rings, I answer and guess what? It’s a telemarketer asking if I am interested in a home security system.

It was a very pleasant young lady, I listened to her spiel, thanked her and then told her I had an enormous amount of home security already.

And then somehow, we just started talking and talking…and talking.

I mentioned Granddad, the World War II veteran who lives with us, my husband’s military background and some other things and she mentioned that her father was a Vietnam vet.

We exchanged appreciation for all of our country’s veterans, and then somehow she got on the subject of how she had wanted to go to law school.

At one time, so did I.

We talked about that, she told me she had two college degrees, had huge student loans and had come from a “blue collar” family, apparently the first in her family to go to college.

But she still wants to go to law school, and something tells me that she will.

And I told her that.

She’s in her mid-30s, and I encouraged her to keep trying-if that was her dream. And I told her I’m kind of funny about “feeling” things and I felt she would get where she wanted to go-or be.

She told me I was one of the nicest people she’d ever spoken with-most people hate telemarketers, she said. She said she had her share of rude people.

I told her I knew she was just trying to earn an honest living.

And that I cared.

Why am I telling this?

Well, because there have been times that I have been aggravated by telemarketers.

And sometimes, they’re just a little too much.

And sometimes, they call at inconvenient times.

But like I told her-“You’re just trying to earn a living.”

She said she really appreciated that.

Maybe we can all be just a little bit more tolerant.

I learned a lesson from her.

And I hope to remember it.
© 2012