Correction regarding speed bumps at TC
by Staff Report
A story in Thursday’s Daily Home about Talladega College installing speed bumps on a city street incorrectly reported that Talladega City Manager Brian Muenger said he received a letter from a college official “saying they would proceed with the installation of the speed bumps in light of Friday night’s shooting on campus.”

That is incorrect. Muenger did receive a letter from the college’s Facilities and Management Director Gary Lawson, that stated “due to a recent accident on campus, I am requesting permission to add the speed breakers on Martin Luther King and Battle Street. This is an emergency!”

Lawson did not write that he would proceed with the installation. The Daily Home regrets the error and is happy to set the record straight.

The exchange of letters between Muenger and Lawson came after the college began installing speed bumps on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive on Wednesday. The college did not have city permission to do so, and in fact was turned down for speed bumps in July.

When he found that college workers were installing the speed bumps on Wednesday, Muenger sent a hand-delivered letter to Dr. Billy C. Hawkins, president of the college. “As you are aware, any requests for additional speed breakers must be submitted in writing and approved by the City,” Muenger’s letter stated. “If approved, the speed breakers must be installed by City workers as they rest on city property.

“Accordingly, please ensure that the aforementioned work on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive ceases immediately and that the unauthorized speed breaker be removed,” the letter said.

The speed bump was removed by Thursday. Lawson’s letter to Muenger was also hand-delivered. That letter did not acknowledge that one speed bump was installed, and work was proceeding on a second one when Muenger checked on them Wednesday. Neither did he indicate whether work on the second speed bump would be halted and the one already installed would be removed, as Muenger had requested in his letter to Hawkins.

Lawson’s letter requested permission to add the speed breakers. That request does not meet the city’s guidelines on speed bumps. The city has a seven-page policy that includes information needed before a request can be made, and directs that all requests be sent to the Public Works Director.

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