Bring Your Canvas To Life-How to Decorate Your Home Beautifully!
by jaychowdhury
When you buy a new home, endless possibilities stare back at you from the blank walls. This is your chance to bring your vision to life, but what will that vision be? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are some professional decorating tips that everyone can use. <br /><br /><span><strong>Can Clutter Be Clean?</strong></span> <br /><br />The difference between dean and clutter is...well, clutter. Just because you have 50 miniature houses (and I&#8217;m admitting nothing here!) doesn't mean they will all look good on the same shelf. You'll enjoy your figurines and knick-knacks much more when you can actually see their details. If they get lost in the crowd, it just looks dirty and they lose their charm. Keep this in mind for all the rooms and your home will have a much a cleaner look overall. <br /><br /><span><strong>Don't Be Afraid of The Light!</strong></span> <br /><br />Even if you like a rustic and cozy look, never block off your windows entirely. Natural light is fantastic not just for saving energy, but also for brightening your mood. If the room is done right, you'll be able to tone it down to a shaded, romantic or sleeping environment later during various times of the day. Even so, you should always have the ability to open the windows and let as much natural light in as possible. <br /><br /><span><strong>Splashes of Color</strong></span><br /><br />Too Much? Obviously, your color choices will be based on your preferences and the personality of the home you&#8217;re trying to convey. However, there is a line you can cross and it turns into&#8230;.just too much. Balance is required between rooms so your senses aren&#8217;t constantly being bombarded. Think of it as a mini-break from everything and balance bright colors with soft, muted choices. These will make you feel comfortable in every room of the house, and you&#8217;ll still be able to create your dream environment. <br /><br /><span><strong>Help! (Internet Advice is Free!)</strong></span> <br /><br />Because we&#8217;re not all professional decorators, we do need occasional advice. Before you pay anyone to come into your home and make a personal recommendation, do some searching online. You may find the answer you&#8217;re looking for in someone else&#8217;s Before &#38; After picture. You may find a blog that specifically discusses a particular issue and gives you an idea. Either way, it&#8217;s worth checking out the mountain of free advice before hiring an actual consultant to come in. Even if you are planning to hire a professional, educating yourself first will help you feel more confident in the questions you ask and the ideas you share. <br /><br />The author of this article is a contributor to <a rel="nofollow" href="">Open Offer</a>&#160;a real estate resource for <a rel="nofollow" href="">Rancho Santa Fe Luxury Homes</a>.
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