Newly elected BOE members attend orientation
by Kenny Farmer
PELL CITY — Newly elected members of the Board of Education attended an orientation meeting Wednesday, in which they met with Superintendent Dr. Bobby Hathcock and other teachers and administrators to learn more about the school system that they will serve.

New Board members Tammy Williams, Laurie Henderson, Jeff Jones and Joe Sawyer will begin their roles with Pell City Schools in November. Williams was appointed to the Board in May 2011 following the death of Mike Price, but Nov. 5 will begin her first full term.

Hathcock said that the school system was “complex” and believed an orientation meeting would be very beneficial, especially considering the fact that there are four new board members.

“Today was important,” said Hathcock. “We want to show them as much as we can to make this transition easier.”

Hathcock said he welcomes suggestions and other input from the new members and invited them to visit the schools in the system.

During the meeting, presentations were given by those in charge of transportation, finances, nutrition, athletics and the Junior ROTC program. Principals and teachers were also present to talk about the curriculum and what practices are used in the classroom, as well as educational goals for the future.

Williams called the meeting a “great informational tool for the staff.”

“It’s not often we’re all able to get together like this to meet with each other to see what everybody’s roles and responsibilities are,” said Williams. “It was a great overview for all of us here today.”

Henderson said she believed it was very beneficial to see “how well people work together.”

After the meeting, Williams said she learned the school system was doing better in some areas than she had thought.

“We’re absolutely moving in the right direction,” said Williams.

Henderson said having previously served as the attorney for the school system, she had some knowledge of the inner workings of the school system, but she learned many more specifics at the meeting.

“I learned a lot of numbers,” said Henderson.

Williams and Henderson both said they hope to work towards the betterment of the school system.

“We have a very cohesive school system and very involved teachers and employees in the system working toward a common goal – the goal of making the Pell City School System the very best it can be,” said Henderson.

“What’s best for our children is what’s best for our community,” said Williams. “As the children go, so goes this community, because they are the community.”

Williams added, “Our mission is our children. If we ever lose sight of that, we don’t need to be doing this job. It’s always about the children.”

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