Still no mayor for the town of Waldo
by Aziza Jackson
WALDO — According to the Alabama League of Municipalities, Waldo will not have a mayor until another runoff election takes place.

Tracy Roberts, an attorney with the Alabama League of Municipalities said that a runoff will take place because Susan Crim did not receive the majority vote.

In Tuesday’s three-way runoff for mayor, Crim received 36 votes, Everett Askew received 27 votes, and Dee Ford received 24 votes.

After the results were in the people of Waldo were scratching their heads unsure whether or not Crim was mayor, being that she received more votes than Askew.

“Where three candidates ran in runoff election and none received a majority vote, another runoff is necessary and the two candidates which received the highest vote are in the second runoff.”AGO to Hon. J.M. Vann, September 14, 1972,” Roberts said, when reading the Code of Alabama 11-46-55.

“In the event one of the candidates for a particular office in the runoff election withdraws, then there need not be a second election to fill the office nor shall the name of either the party so withdrawing or the remaining candidate be printed on the ballot of any second election held under this article.”

Calls to the town of Waldo and Susan Crim were unreturned Wednesday.

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