Cubbie Shelve- How easy to built them
by jaychowdhury
<p>Cubbie shelves are considered to be of great significance for kids since they can be used to split the toys with the games. It helps the kids to keep their toys and games in place and prevent them from scattering it. Building such cubbie shelves is not a difficult task. Such shelves can be stacked very conveniently and can be created in various different shapes according to the convenience. Such cubbie shelves can be easily stacked with the furniture in your house. Due to the small and lightweight of the cubes, they can be moved very conveniently without much effort. The elements and supplies required to make such cubbie shelves are limited and cheap. Following is the procedure to built <strong><a rel="nofollow" href="">cubbies for kids</a></strong>, which helps them in keeping their toys and games safe and fully functioning.</p> <p><strong>Procedure</strong></p> <p>Slice five equal squares from a plywood sheet. Make sure the squares are equal and measure no less than 1 foot by 1 foot. If you intend to create few more cubbie shelves, then you will need a 4/8 food plywood sheet. Cut 32 equal squares out of the 4/8 sheet of plywood which will create six shelves. The edges of the wood squares should be smooth and not rough. In order to do so, rub down the ends of the wood square. After rubbing the edges, put paint on the wood squares. Make sure when you apply the paint, it should be in a proper ventilated area. Apply the paint on all sides of the wood and then let the paint dry on it. Now you would require a nail gun. You need to put down one square on the surface. Make sure the surface is flat. Now put the second square on the edge of the previous square. This should make an L.</p> <p>Now nail the joints with the help of a nail gun. Switch the two wood pieces in such a way that the second piece lays flat on the smooth surface. Use the third piece of wood in exactly the same manner as done previously and then they should be nailed. When done accurately, the three pieces of wood will make a proper U. Now rotate the third wood piece and it should lay on the smooth surface. Use the fourth piece of wood just like the second and third and then nail it. This would create a perfect square made of woods. Now stand the wood square up on the surface and put the fifth wood on top of it. Nail it in such a way that each nails goes down to the perimeter of the other wood pieces. When flipped, you will have a cubed wood box or you can call it the cubbie shelf for your kid.</p> <p><strong>Conclusion</strong></p> <p>Hence, it can be concluded that making such cubbie shelves are not difficult. They prove to be of great assistance to the kids and help them to keep their things properly in the right place. One must make sure that such cubbies should are painted or stained so that they can be used by some other part of the house when the kid is grown up.</p> <p>&#160;</p>
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