Wilson earns Player of the Week honors
by LaVonte Young
TALLADEGA - Senior Brandon Wilson earned The Daily Home Player of the Week honors for his three-touchdown performance in Talladega’s 42-8 victory over Ramsay last Friday. Wilson and the Tigers have started the season with back-to-back wins for the first time in since 23 years.

“It is well deserved,” Talladega head coach Christopher Mahand said. ”I preach teamwork to the kids. I tell all the skill guys that you can’t do anything without people blocking for you and people handing you the ball. He is a good player, but it takes a team effort to have the success that we are having.”

Wilson scored two rushing touchdowns and a he caught a 61-yard touchdown pass from Zack Spratlin. Wilson believes that hard work and the bond that the players have developed this season have played a major role in their success.

“ I think we are working harder than the rest of the groups,” Wilson said. “We are coming together as a team. On Thursday’s we go out to eat and everybody has come together. They didn’t do that last year, they didn’t hang out as a team. We just hang out as a team and have fun.”

The running back has scored four touchdowns in Talladega’s two wins this season. Wilson said he thanks his offensive line for the success that he has had.

“You just go out there and do your job. If you do that every thing will work out for you,“ Wilson said. “I want to shout out to my lineman, because they do their job and they bust their tails. They bust their tails in practice, so everything goes right when we get to the game.”

Talladega has already matched their win total from last year. The Tigers will try to extend their streak when they travel to John Carroll on Friday. The Cavilers are 1-1 on the season and they will be the toughest opponent the Tigers have faced so far.

“It is exciting,” Wilson said. “We work hard every day, so we are ready. We have to get better, but we are ready.”

Wilson and the Tigers have set loft goals for themselves for the next eight weeks of the season.

”I want to go 10-0 and I know the team wants to go 10-0,”Wilson said. “Everybody has been working hard this summer, so we want to reach out goal of going 10-0.”

Being the best football player in his family is something that drives Wilson when he steps on the gridiron.

“My uncle LaCorey Wilson,” Wilson said when asked who looks up too. “My goal is to be better than him. My brother and I go head-to-head and we try to be better than each other. He graduated two years ago, Bacardi McClendon. I try to be better than him. We go outside and run routes. He helps me out a lot and I learned a lot of my stuff from him.”

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