Munford’s Garrett earns Player of the Week honors
by LaVonte Young
MUNFORD - Junior quarterback Monteo Garrett earned The Daily Home Player of the Week honors for his performance in Munford’s 47-7 victory against Corner Friday. Garrett rushed for 200 yards and scored three touchdowns. He also threw for a touchdown.

“First, I would like to give God all of the glory,” Garrett said. “I want to thank my offensive linemen. We worked this week to try to get better. Like coach says ‘we work every week for our next opponent,’ but we worked this week trying to beat them. Basically, that helped me guide my way to the end zone and do a lot of other great things that I never thought I could do.”

Garrett rushed for a 75-yard touchdown and a 33-yard touchdown in the first half against Corner. He also threw a 17-yard touchdown pass. Third-year head coach Will Wagnon believes that his team is going to have to throw the ball more to be successful.

“He does fine as an athlete,” Wagon said. “All the athletic ability is there, so naturally he is good running because he is a great athlete. This off season, we worked on mechanics. We studied them and we worked on them. He knows that is what he has to improve on. We worked on mechanics; we worked on reads and just understanding the game, the feel when to throw it, when it to pull it down and run. He has progressed a lot.

“He knows the offense inside and out, even more than he did last year. You can tell as the year progressed last year, we won four out of the last six games. A lot of that had to do with his progression as a quarterback. He has played good the last two games, but I think we can get a lot better in the passing game the farther along we get in the season.”

The quarterback used his legs to made several breath-taking plays last week. He said he learned some of his elusive moves that he uses to break away from defenders from playing outside and watching his role model play on Sundays.

“I learned in the back yard,” Garrett said. “One of my biggest role models is Cam Newton. I see how he makes one move and go. I try to do that, but sometimes I add a little juice on with it. Usually, I try to make that one move and go get out of there. I just try to do what I can.”

Garrett feels more comfortable being a leader in his second season as quarterback.

“I have control like I want it this year,” Garrett said. ”I feel more comfortable telling them how I want it and how it is supposed to be done. If we are in the game and a situation where I tell my offensive line to pick it up here, I feel pressure on the backside and they will pick it up there. Or pick up here on the right side, I feel pressure there, they will pick it up.

“If I am running the ball and I see that someone missed a block somewhere, but I still broke it for a touchdown, I will give them an heads up of what they are supposed to be doing, so they won’t make the same mistake on a different play.”

Garrett said he is going to treat Friday’s matchup with archrival Lincoln as a regular game.

“I treat it like a regular game,” Garrett said. ”I go out there and do what I would do for any regular game. I play my same role and I do the same thing. I want to treat it like it is a regular game.

“We are going out there to compete and do what we are supposed to do. It is a rivalry and everybody has been waiting for this game.”
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