Getting a preview of this year's Friday night lights
It won¹t be long now before the season that defines the start of the school year begins — football season!

In preparation for the games ahead, Talladega County Schools System secondary coordinator Griff Hill organized the first Football Media Day in the county, including not just schools in the county system, but Sylacauga and Talladega high schools as well.

Based loosely along the lines of SEC Media Days, coaches and players from across the county came to talk about their teams and the season ahead. They also brought some of their key players to meet the press, and meet each other, and help broaden their experience in the world of competitive sports.

Admittedly, there wasn’t the crush of media as at the SEC event — only The Daily Home and TV 24 were there — but the format was enlightening, and seminars and meetings were held for the coaches, also.

We’ll be bringing readers details from the event in our special football pre-season magazine later this month.

Meanwhile, practice will be cranking up this week as the teams begin preparations for the magic of Friday night lights. And don’t forget the bands and cheerleaders who make the season special. It’s a uniquely American tradition that helps define who we are — and we hope readers will take in a game or two this season, even if they don’t have a child in the program. It’s a great way to support our youth and our communities.

The inaugural Media Day turned out to be a hit, and we appreciate all involved in making it happen — and we can hardly wait to see the 2012 edition of high school football involving all our teams.

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