Twins sign together at TC
by LaVonte Young
TALLADEGA- Jan and Jamara Thomas have been together for 18 years and they have decided to spend another four together.

On Wednesday afternoon, the twins signed softball scholarships with Talladega College.

“I am excited to be playing at Talladega,” Jan Thomas said. “I am really just excited to be playing four more years. I didn’t think I would be able to play and actually sign. It is real exciting. I have a bunch of friends that go here, and they told me to come try out so I did.”

Jamara Thomas is also elated about getting a chance to play for on the next level.

“I am excited and I am ready to play ball for four more years,” Jamara Thomas said.

Jan said she is thrilled to play four more years with Jamara, but she doesn’t think the feelings are mutual.

“I am excited, but she is not really excited,” Jan said. “I don’t know why she is not excited; I guess she doesn’t want to play with me. I am excited that she is playing with me.”

Jamara disputes the notion that she doesn’t want to play with her other half Jan.

“I am excited to play with her, honestly,” Jamara said. “I just don’t want to live with her. I have had enough of her for 18 years.”

Being close to home was factor of them signing with TC.

“It is real close to home,” Jamara said. “It is real close to home and I don’t want to be far from home right now.”

The Thomas twins signing also marks the first signing of the CJ Combs era at TC.

“I am super pumped,” Combs said. “They are the first two that I got to talk to. They seem like a good start and fresh start to Talladega College softball. They are going to be a great asset to the team. They are going to help us out on the field and they are going to help us out batting. I feel like they are going to help us in the dugout also. They are going to be a great asset all around. I can’t wait.”

Sylacauga head coach Olivia Harmon said that the Lady Tornadoes are getting a pair of outstanding student athletes.

“Jamara for one is such a huge part of the team,” Harmon said. “She is extremely competitive yet will her all for the team.”

Harmon said the twins excel on and off the field.

“They are going to get some great student athletes,” Harmon said. “I think they are going to do very well not only on the field, but in the classroom. They are smart girls; they will be able to balance the time they have on the field and with school.”
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