Political forum a valuable community service
We extend our appreciation to the Sylacauga Chamber of Commerce for organizing Thursday’s political forum for mayoral and city council candidates. It was a great opportunity for residents to come out and hear from the people who are offering themselves for public service in the community.

By hearing from each candidate, the people got a better idea of who the candidates are and how they conduct themselves.

Topics at forums are pretty predictable — jobs, revenue, services and quality of life are always going to be priorities — it’s interesting to see how the different candidates view the role of local governments and how well they are currently performing.

It’s gratifying to see the concern for the community at such an event.

And due to the timing of the forum, if there’s someone who thinks they can do better then those who already qualified to run, they still have until Tuesday afternoon to throw their hats into the ring.

Meanwhile, we’ll tip our hats to the Chamber’s staff, volunteers and sponsors, and to the candidates who are offering their time and talents to serve their community. It’s an important job, and we appreciate those who step up to the plate to take care of the public’s business.

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