Community welcomes IKO factory
It’s great to read about another manufacturing company coming to our area, this time one that specializes in roofing materials.

IKO is a 60-year-old family run business, begun in Calgary, which plans to produce roofing shingles in Sylacauga using calcium carbonate mined locally as one of the materials.

The company expects to employ 70 people at the plant, which is always a welcome addition for the community.

IKO has 25 manufacturing plants across the U.S., Canada and Europe, and company officials credited local development officials with helping to sweeten the deal to help the plant become a reality.

We can’t help but wonder if IKO’s owners see signs of a rebound in home building on the horizon. Even if that’s not the case, the new plant is a sign of optimism about the state of the economy in the near-term. Where the economy is concerned, optimism tends to lead to actions that bring positive results.

We’re pleased to see new manufacturing jobs in a new industry setting up shop in our community.

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