Hall not satisfied after successful freshman season
Ali Hall went 12-8 as a freshman at the University of Mobile.
PELL CITY- Ali Hall’s first season pitching at the University of Mobile was a successful one by most people’s standards, but for her it just wasn’t good enough.

“I think I could’ve had a better season than what I did,” Hall said. “Honestly, I went in with the ‘Yeah I pitched in high school well, why couldn’t I do it here?’ attitude. I had a couple bad games where I just struggled. One thing about college you have a team that is behind you no matter what. In high school everybody else would get down with you. In college, everyone will pick you up no matter how bad you perform. They will say ‘Hey you are good let’s just keep working.’ That’s one thing I love. I love having somebody behind me no matter what.”

The Pell City native was Mobile’s No. 2 pitcher as a freshman. She recorded a 12-8 record on the season for the Lady Rams. The right-handed hurler recorded 98 strikeouts in 112 innings of pitching, had an ERA of 1.66 and held opposing batters to a 2.13.

“Every hitter that you face is a good hitter,” Hall said. “They were the best hitter at their high school. In high school, you face a couple of good hitters, even in 6A you just faced a couple of good hitters on a team. In college, it is not like that. Every hitter you face is trying to beat you; they all go up there with a plan and they are tougher I guess.”

Her performance from the circle didn’t go unnoticed as she earned All–Freshman honors and second-team All-Division honors for the Southern States Athletic Conference. The former Pell City standout is happy about her accomplishments, but she wants more.

“I feel like I could have had a better season,” Hall said. “I’m striving for Pitcher of the Year. I feel like I could have had a better season than what I had. There are times where I didn’t pitch to my full ability. Next year, I plan on going all the way. We made it to Nationals and lost. Next year, we are going to win Nationals.”

In the NAIA Softball National Championship, Hall was the losing pitcher against Cal State San Marcos. She said those four innings where she allowed two runs on six hits has motivated her this off-season.

“We lost in extra innings that game and that was a tough loss because we could have gone on if we beat them,” Hall said. “Nationals— I feel like we all had our head screwed on straight where in conference we didn’t. I feel like we had a lot of problems going in; we had team issues. We worked really hard after conference going into Nationals. It was the hardest I ever worked and I think we showed it. I think we played well in the Cal State San Marcos game and Texas Wesleyan game. A lot of us are going to come in ready to go and we are all going to be used to it. We know what to expect.”

Summer break will not be all fun and games for Hall. She’s playing competitive softball, and she is doing the off-season workout routine she received at school.

“I have been running a lot so far,” Hall said. “I am playing travel ball this summer, which most people probably wouldn’t, but I am playing. I am pitching a lot and I am working with my dad and my pitching coach. We get workouts that we do some that is what I have been doing so far.”

In the classroom, Hall also had a successful season. Hall made the dean’s list her first two semesters at Mobile.

“School has been going OK,” Hall said. “It is not high school. It is hard to make yourself get up and go to class especially when you are dog-tired. We have 5:15 work outs in the morning, so that is tough. You have to have a lot of discipline and it is not bad. I love it. I made A’s and B’s in the first semester. I made all A’s and B’s during the season, so that is pretty good. Right now, my declared major is Psychology, but I am not real positive of it. I really want to coach; I think that is what I have decided I wanted to do. I want to coach on the college level. Hopefully, I will get the opportunity to do that.”

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