Limbaugh gains experience in 1st season at Samford
The transition from high school to Division I baseball didn’t prove to be a smooth one for Childersburg native Cole Limbaugh.

This season, Limbaugh saw his team fall one game short of the College World Series, but personally he struggled while getting adjusted to the college game.

“It was a good year as far as the team went,” Limbaugh said. “We got to our first Regional and we played really well. We made it to the Regional final and we ended up getting beat by Florida State.”

Limbaugh earned the mid-week starting job for the Bulldogs in the beginning of the year. Limbaugh started four games for Samford this season and came out the bullpen for a few games. He ended the season with a 1-1 record.

“The year started off good for me,” Limbaugh said. “I won the mid-week job and got four starts for the bat. Then things really didn’t go as planned. I kind of struggled and I ended up losing the job. I came out the bullpen for two more appearances, so I ended up pitching about 15 innings. It was a kind of tough year personally.”

During his stellar career at Childersburg, Limbaugh was able to cover power hitters with his pitches. That wasn’t the case for him at Samford.

“It is a big transition going from high school to Division I baseball,” Limbaugh said.

“A lot of the small things are a lot different. The hitters were a lot better. In high school, I could throw it by people, but in college you really have to hit your spots. It doesn’t matter how hard you throw it they still can hit it. Overall, it was a very good year for the team, and I really enjoy it at Samford. I am looking forward to having a good three years after this one.”

The Bulldogs historic season was capped off by having seven players selected in the Major League Baseball Draft earlier this month.

Limbaugh said he took something from the senior pitchers in his first season.

“Josh Martin was a walk-on at Samford and, he ended up being a 10th-round selection,” Limbaugh said.

“He is an example of what hard work can do. The other guys just worked hard, they knew what their ultimate goal was and did what it took to get there. They woke up everyday with the desire to go out and play the game. They worked hard to get to that level and did the work they had to do to be that good.”

Limbaugh said he is going to have to work and improve in different areas of his games if he going to have a productive sophomore season.

“My fastball— I was really wasn’t able to hit the spots with it,” Limbaugh said. “In high school, if I missed a spot they still probably wouldn’t have squared up that good. At this level, if you miss a spot they are going to hit a long way. My curve ball wasn’t that good. I wasn’t quite ready and I don’t have the stuff at this level right.”

As a student, Limbaugh was pleased with the way things went for him in the classroom.

“I am majoring in education, and hopefully I am going to become a coach and a teacher,” Limbaugh said. “School went good for me. I finished up my first semester with 3.5 (GPA) and in the second semester I finished with a 3.3. School went pretty good.”
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