Church members spruce up park
Things are looking a little brighter in Lincoln these days. Residents and passersby are noticing the fresh paint, new swings and bright colors at Moseley Park on the corner of Alabama 77 and U.S. 78.

Local members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, often referred to as Mormons, participated in a “Day of Service” at the park on Saturday, April 28. Members and friends of the church, organized around the principles of Christian service and civic responsibility, labored with zeal and good cheer to give the park a fresh look for summer.

After a small crew took time to prepare the way, including pressure washing and a little carpentry work, the main body arrived at 7 a.m. on Saturday and spent the day painting dugouts, the park concession stand, picnic tables and playground equipment. Some much-needed repairs were made in addition to the painting, which left a worn out but jovial group ready to call it a day just before 6 pm. From 2 to 82, everyone had a role to play in this day of service.

LDS Church teachings state that “because everything we have comes from God, we should be willing to share it all, including our time and talents. When we serve others we are reminded that nothing in this life lasts as long as the bonds we form with other people, and there’s no better way to connect ourselves to others than by working together for one common good.”

Steve Parker is branch president of the local congregation, with counselors Robert Edwards and Thomas Loyd.

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