Talladega church changes affiliation
Southwood Presbyerian Church in Talladega has changed their affiliation from Presbyterian Church of the United States of America to the more conservative denomination of Presbyterian Church in America, according to Ruling Elder Oscar Walker.

The church began as an outpost Sunday School expansion of the First Presbyterian Church in 1946 and started as its own congregation a decade later. The official change in affiliation took place in August of last year.

“The Evangel Presbytery of the PCA had communicated to the congregation its willingness to receive the Southwood congregation into membership and to offer guidance and assistance for a continuing and developing ministry. This change accommodates a more conservative, Bible based teaching and leadership position for the congregation in the community,” Walker said in a prepared statement.

Walker “continues to serve as Ruling Elder Stated Supply. Providing weekly preaching of the word of God…Session members Jack Bowden and Walter Morrison provide daily counsel and care for the congregational members. It is anticipated that ministry and outreach will develop and once again gospel light and life will ring forth from this gathering of God's people,” the statement continues.

The change came about when the Presbyterian Church USA voted to allow nonchastity in marriage for people in ruling and teaching positions and allowed homosexual couples to participate in the ministry.

“Of course,” Walker said, “everyone is still welcome in our congregation. After all, we are all sinners. But having someone who chooses to be sinful in a leadership position, we just weren’t comfortable with that. We couldn’t support it. We are more conservative with what the Bible says. When the PCUSA decided on a more liberal interpretation of the Bible, we changed our affiliation to PCA.”

Pastor Tom Cheely, on staff at Brairwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, has been appointed by the Evangel Presbytery as the liaison person between the congregation and the Presbytery, according to the statement.

Sunday services include Adult Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. and Congregational Worship at 11 a.m. All are welcome to these study and worship services.

Southwood Presbyterian Church is located at 205 Elizabeth Ave., just off of Cherry Street.

For additional information about the Church ministry and other activities contact Elder Jack Bowden at jbowden928@aol.com or Tom Cheely at tcheely@briarwood.org .

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