Our view: Bill could have state seeing stars
“Stars Fell on Alabama” may be the official state song, but when it comes to movie and TV stars, their visits have been the exception rather than the rule. Other states seem to have been better prepared than Alabama for bringing in production companies to shoot movies and TV shows in the Heart of Dixie, even when the stories were set here.

Rep. Terri Collins of Decatur points out that several scenes in the movies “Forrest Gump” and “Sweet Home Alabama,” which were supposed to be have taken place in Alabama, were filmed in South Carolina and California.

The CMT series, also called “Sweet Home Alabama,” on the other hand, is filmed in Alabama and looked at as an example of how the right incentives can help open up a new avenue for revenue in the state.

A bill being considered would raise the state’s current limit of $10 million per year to $25 million per year by 2014 to help make that happen.

That’s not pocket change, but could prove to be money well spent in the long run. Many criticized the amount of money that was spent to bring the Mercedes plant to Vance years ago, but with the explosion of automotive-related jobs in the state, in hindsight it looks like a brilliant move.

One thing is for sure — if we keep doing things the same way, we’ll get the same results. With proper management and oversight, the move could go a long way toward bringing fame and fortune to the state.

See you in the movies!

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