A happy ending for a pup in peril
Talladega firefighter Dewayne Harry holds onto fellow firefighter Chad Toland as they work to relase the puppy from the hole he fell into near Veterans’ Park. After wetting the pup with a fire hose, they managed to free him.
Talk about a lucky little pup.

A concerned passer by, some skilled fire fighters and police officers and a puppy doomed to disaster comes out on top-literally.

It was a Saturday morning, about 8 a.m. 28, when they got the call at the Talladega Fire Department.

There was a puppy trapped in a hole about six feet deep in a field of kudzu near Veterans’ Park in Talladega.

Firefighters wasted no time taking off for the rescue, and the site was just a few blocks away from the fire station.

When the firefighters arrived, officers from the Talladega Police Department were already there, helping the passer by, one Carlton Turner, try and locate the puppy.

It seems Turner was trying to catch the apparent little stray when he fell into the hole, said Firefighter Dewayne Harry.

Once they located the hole, Harry said they saw that the puppy was wedged in between two pieces of concrete, almost like a collapsed water pipe.

Attempts to rescue the puppy using a rope or webbing weren’t working, so Harry said Talladega Firefighter Chad Toland crawled into the hole upside down with Harry and Turner holding his legs from up above and still couldn’t free him.

Then, they did what people in their line of work often have to do in rescue situations-come up with another plan that would work.

And that’s exactly what happened.

“We decided to wet him down with water from the fire truck,” Harry said. “When we wet him, he started wiggling so Chad went back down again and got a good hold on him and Carlton and I pulled them both up.”

As for the puppy, there’s a very happy ending.

“Carlton said he was taking him home, and he would have a very good home,” Harry said.

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