What is being said......
by shellimc
01.27.12 - 10:28 am
I usually adhere to the "where there's smoke, there's fire" mind set and when children and their safety is the issue, it's a good bet. I keep hearing stories about bullying going unaddressed even when witnessed by staff and tho I understand how a rumour mill works, I have ALSO been sending children to school for 30 years and I know all about preferential treatment, and staff lethargy. In ANY sector you will have good employees and bad and everything in the middle. In our present day society, it has been proven time and again that bulling has the potential for disaster. If you HAVE valid information, LET IT BE KNOWN. If you don't.......don't state it as fact but DO bring it to the forefront........not ALL rumours are false, some just need investigating. This is not an issue that can be left for "someone else" to deal with. We ALL must be proactive.
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