possible set up
by unicorn1
01.20.12 - 08:29 pm
<p>you might want to be careful with this one .cause i got set up this way and had a surprise warrant on me for failure to appear then after paying half what i owed when i got outta jail they tryied to tell me court was in 2 weeks in sylacauga something didnt feel quite right so i showed up for court in talladega the week after i got outta jail and sure enough they called my name on that docket in talledega the week before i was told to show up in sylacauga trust me check into it asap cause when you state you did show up and was told the judge wasnt there the workers will lie to cover they're butts and naturally the judge will side with them i really advise you to start digging and find people who also were susposed to have court that day that got sent home yall might want to be there for each other on this issue case 4 or 5 together as witnesses will look alot better than your word alone against the workers .this seems to happen to the ones who are paying their child support</p>
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