people whos lives are in danger get no protection!!
by unicorn1
01.20.12 - 07:59 pm
<p>i've been dealing with an ex that gets away with anything he does stalking , beatdowns,threats, etc. no matter what you try you can never get anything done . its bad when victims have to look over their shoulder constantly .they can't get anyhelp from law&#160; enforcement,judges,restraining orders, and you cant even get protection for your children either . corrupting you might ask YES it is . cause the one whos being violent is the one thats being protected to no extent ! someone really needs to look into these issues . and people wonder why theres so much crime in the streets because its allowed to go on . in my opinion i think its a pure disgrace . were the ones paying the taxes which helps to pay or officers and we get no protection .</p>
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